Back in March of this year, I listened to a Chronicle of Philanthropy teleseminar titled How to Create Successful Foundation Proposals. One of the speakers was Jana Jane Hexter, a heart-centered grantwriting professional who, over 15 years, has raised more than $28 million for nonprofit organizations. In addition to the normal nuggets I expected to hear about beefing up budgets and getting clear on grant objectives, Hexter’s portion of the call was quite inspiring.

She described how she got into grantwriting: She was driven by the knowledge that millions of women around the world have no options; they can’t educate their kids for the sake of a school uniform, small fee or school supplies. “As an educated woman living in the richest country in the world, I am acutely aware that I have the luxury of choice. And I choose to use it to help those who don’t.”

I’ve been following Hexter’s e-zine ever since I first heard her speak, and she always has something wonderful to share.

A big share is her newly published book: Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secretswritten, as she says, for people who want to win grants. In the book, she interviewed 25 of the nation’s top grantwriting professionals to find out what makes them tick–and more importantly, what makes their proposals so darn successful.

In the spirit of a gift economy, Hexter is offering her book for free online–with one caveat: That anyone who reads it pay it forward by helping a friend, neighbor, colleague, the earth, or by donating to charity. Or by reciprocating to Hexter in a way that feels good.

What’s the catch? None that I can see, except one act of generosity followed by another. She wants to keep the gift in flow.

So far, 191 people are taking part in her “pay it forward” experiment.

As Hexter explains it, “It is not an act of charity on my part, but more gratefulness for the gift of life and recognition of our sacred interdependence. Our economy is changing and this is my attempt to create another reality worthy of our children’s future.”

I like it.

This book is great for grantwriters, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, start-up companies–anyone who is working to make the world a better place, and looking for the support to do it.

The paperback version is also available on Amazon for purchase.

Thanks to Jana Jane Hexter for sharing her gift, and creating a ripple of generosity for us all to take part in.