Storytelling is a powerful tool for change. The right stories—shared well—have unlimited potential to raise awareness and resources, and inspire action. Yet how many nonprofits share their stories in a strategic way? And how can funders support their partners in sharing stories that matter?

Read the full story on Exponent Philanthropy‘s blog Philanthrofiles: How Funders Can Support Grantees’ Storytelling.

You’ll learn about:

  • What a storytelling culture is, and how to develop one in your organization
  • Why crafting stories alone is not enough: how you can use your own voice and leverage relationships to spread grantee stories widely
  • 7 ways to make storytelling part of your funding strategy

The more funders step up their own storytelling game, the more they give grantee partners permission to do the same. What nonprofit stories are you sharing, and how? Drop me a line and let me know.