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Whether you are a grantmaker or advisor, the way you communicate who you are and what you do – both within and outside your organization – deeply influences how others perceive, participate, and partner with you.

PhilanthroComm is a philanthropy and communications advisory firm that supports mission-driven foundations, individual donors and families, advisors, and philanthropy serving organizations. We provide giving guidance, communications and change management, and philanthropic strategy and support…helping to advance your giving impact, strategize and streamline your governance and grantmaking work, and communicate the change you and your partners are creating.

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Our Clients

PhilanthroComm supports foundations, individual donors and families, advisors, and philanthropy serving organizations. For 20+ years, we’ve worked to strengthen philanthropy at a field- and foundation-level, to ultimately help create well-resourced communities that are healthy, sustainable, and equitable for all. We specialize in writing and storytelling, developing new content and tools, facilitating, and elevating giving and governance practices.

Together we will
Develop a values-aligned giving strategy; share strategic stories, tools, and training; document your impact, learnings, and processes
Philanthropy Serving Organizations
Together we will
Strengthen the field and catalyze change through your communications
Family Advisors
Together we will
Support your clients; boost your messaging and marketing; build relationships through your content
  • Given her background, it is no surprise that Elaine Gast Fawcett writes with expertise. But it is a gift that she writes with a clarity and sensitivity that makes the material so accessible and compelling for her readers. The National Center for Family Philanthropy is fortunate to have had her as a contributor to numerous publications and programs.

    Virginia Esposito
    Virginia Esposito President, National Center for Family Philanthropy
  • Elaine is hands-down our organization's first choice when in need of a consultant to capture our members' stories, and she has been for more than 10 years. We truly consider her a partner and friend here at Exponent Philanthropy (formerly Association of Small Foundations), entrusting her to interview hundreds of our member philanthropists for everything from blog posts to articles to reports to books. She has quietly and confidently re-imagined the familiar and engaged with topics that are new, and her work is, without fail, well-researched, well-crafted, and warm in a way that is authentically Elaine. I so admire her mastery of the craft of storytelling and am grateful for our time spent working together; our members consistently say the same.

    Kimberly Adkinson
    Kimberly Adkinson Associate Director, Exponent Philanthropy
  • Working with Elaine over the past 10+ years, I have come to rely on her as a trusted partner who deeply understands the values of the Packard Foundation and the goals of our philanthropic work.

     Xiao-Wei Wang
    Xiao-Wei Wang Program Manager, The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Elaine cares about – and understands – the nuances of family philanthropy, and she takes the time to dive deeply into multiple angles for every story or topic she explores. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Jason Born
    Jason Born VP Programs, National Center for Family Philanthropy
  • Elaine has helped 21/64 develop a series of next generation leadership tools for philanthropy advisors. We choose Elaine again and again because she is talented and easy to work with and brings a depth of experience to her work.

    Sharna Goldseker
    Sharna Goldseker Executive Director, 21/64
  • Working with Elaine is effortless! She has helped me grow my business platform by building out my blog presence, co-writing and designing white papers and toolkits for family offices, and creating speaker kits and slide decks for presentations.  Her ability to draw out information and content in formal and informal conversations has deepened our work together.

    Suzanne Hammer
    Suzanne Hammer Philanthropy Advisor, Hammer & Associates
  • Elaine helped me navigate my doctoral dissertation on philanthropy with patience, humor, an elegant firm hand and her enormous talent. She was exceptional, my right hand, and she made the experience so collaborative, keeping me on track in a way that I never felt alone even though the task was truly mine. I consider her a close colleague, a collaborative partner, a thought leader in her field and a friend.

    Rebecca Trobe, Psy.D
    Rebecca Trobe, Psy.D Founder, Impact Coaching and Consulting
  • Elaine is a multi-talented writer, editor, and project manager. Few people are able to manage both the creative and analytical sides of editorial as Elaine does, especially on deep complex business and social change topics. Elaine was instrumental in producing several massive client deliverables that made a huge impact in sectors of healthcare and public libraries. She's thoughtful, organized, and a diligent voice when shipping big creative editorial projects. An ace to have on the team.

    Michael Margolis
    Michael Margolis CEO/Founder, Get Storied
  • Not only is Elaine a first-rate writer, but she’s also sharp, organized, on-the-ball, warm, cooperative, diplomatic (a rare quality!) and unfailingly professional. She has the strengths to get the job done, and the softness to capture the stories that pull at our hearts—a particularly powerful combination.

    Kim Brittingham
    Kim Brittingham Author, and current CEO at Tiny Tours of Ocean Grove
  • Elaine naturally “gets” what I want to achieve and how to best communicate it to my audience. She is friendly and personable, quick at meeting deadlines, and can easily translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand content.

    Nina Price
    Nina Price MBA, L.Ac., Success Coach for Midlife Women
  • Elaine is skilled, smart, professional, timely and creative, and her writing skills are broad. She can be clear, instructive, witty or stylistic, depending on the needs of a client or project. She is simply the best.

    Ellen Bryson
    Ellen Bryson Author