330 Ways to Make a Difference

Find out how YOU can make a difference–without spending a dime.

This is the second post in a summer series I’m calling “What Are You Reading? Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday in August, you’ll find a short review of thought-provoking books, articles and speeches about generosity, money, philanthropy and more. 


“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.”–Edward Everett Hale, author and clergyman

Want to help make your community or town a better place, but don’t know where to begin? You don’t need a family foundation or a ton of disposable income to make a difference. We all have the capacity to give or do something. It’s just a matter of finding the right giving opportunity for you.

Enter the book: How to Be An Everyday Philanthropist: 333 Ways to Make a Difference, by Nicole Bouchard Boles.

Boles believes that there’s a powerful giving solution for each person that has nothing to do with the size of your checkbook. She’s outlined hundreds of simple, creative ideas for slipping small-but-meaningful acts of philanthropy into your life.

For example, you’ll be amazed by what you can do with your trash (including your dead Christmas tree come January 1st). And the kinds of donations you can make from your own body (your hair, your skin–even your teeth!). There are number of unusual and inspiring ideas in here that you could never dream up on your own.

In addition to the ideas for helping others, Boles includes real life stories of people giving back. There’s also a calendar to help you focus your energy, an index of resources and charitable organizations, and stickers (yes, stickers–for adults!) to help you organize your giving ideas.

In addition to the book, Boles has a blog–Philanthropista–where she combines her two passions: giving and glam.

Thanks to Talk About Giving‘s Book Club for the head’s up on this easy, fun read.


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