Hello and welcome! This is a new blog for grantmakers, donors, mission-driven folks and otherwise charitable beings: anyone thinking about philanthropy, doing philanthropy, or engaged in activism or service. Whether you are making grants, giving away money or goods or volunteering your time, energy and talent – this is a place where you can take time out to renew your spirit, and remember why it is you do what you do.

Here, you’ll find thoughtful questions, inspiring stories of giving and service, and good news for a change. I will share stories, quotes and links featuring charitable acts, big and small, and hope to dive deeper into what truly motivates people to give. How do we nurture a spirit of generosity in a culture that has evolved away from community and sharing? Once we have the spark to give, how do we sustain it, while staying present to ourselves? And how can we strike a balance between doing nothing, and hitting compassion fatigue?

Who said philanthropy has to focus merely on tax deductions, payout and strategic planning? Let’s get to the heart of it. I hope you find the postings here meaningful to you in some way. Or slightly entertaining. Feel free to follow this blog via email and pass it on to your friends and colleagues.

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